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DNA Analysis

Certificate raw materials your company uses by analysis on final product.

Verifying the authenticity of a product is as simple…

… as buying it


No App is needed. Just bring the mobile closer to the label to get proof of authenticity.


Each label is unique and can not be duplicated. It can be read endlessly keeping its own attribute of authenticity


The label can be hidden while keeping the product design unaltered. It is as thick as a sheet of paper and has the size of a coin

We firmly believe that no APP download in mobile devices is needed to not complicate the user experience. For this we use a patented technology that allows to touch the label with the SmartPhone or SmartWatch and know in a few moments if the product is original and its history


Why Genetic Label is the solution

Genetic Label uses cutting-edge technologies to allow its customers to have a certification both forward, providing anti-counterfeiting labels, and backwards, verifying with genetic analysis the quality and conformity of raw materials or semi-finished products.

Final product Authenticity
Agri-food varieties certification
Direct contact with your end customer
Track your products
Viticultural varietal certification
Certification of animal breed in food or fashion

Our Securities

The quality of our analyzes and our processes are guaranteed, as they comply with the ISO 9001: 2015 certification criteria.

Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015

Being affiliated to Toscana Life Sciences allows us to use cutting-edge machinery and have the support of some of the best Italian biologists.

Toscana Life Sciences

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